Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls

I am proud to announce
Shaylee and Royal Legacy
5 fur babies
have arivved April.10, 2016.

The Crazy Cat Lady Robes have
go to the toys and things
page for more pictures
and information.
Or click On this image.

I am sad to say one of my past kittens
is missing from his forever loving
home in Lethbridge Alberta
These are kitten pictures of him.
He is 2 years old now.
Please keep a eye out for him.
you can email me or phone me
if you find him.

Some more pictures of Celtice a little older
at his forever home.

I am Wanda I run a small closed  Ragdoll Cattery in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls is a TICA registered cattery.

My cats are raised in my home.
My nursery is in my day room, this is a room were I spend most of my free time.
My nursery is a cat
 and kitten heaven.
There is so much for
them to play with and do in my day room.

I take pride in training my cats simple commands. Most of my cats will sit on command, some will also lay down.
I have two cats that like to go for walks, one who loves car rides, camping, and bike rides.  Most of my cats love to watch TV.
I have special cat movies just for them.  When I have kittens here I play a soothing kitty CD for them at night  to help them learn when it is bed time. I do this in hopes that they will sleep well in their new homes at night and not play all night long.

My Kitties now have a puppy to play with.