Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls

I am now taking deposits for summer and fall
Purr B

Sweet Vienna
Has Little PurrBuns
 in her oven
Her Babies are due
to arrive
May 15th. 2015

I am Wanda I run a small closed  Ragdoll Cattery in Medicine Hat Alberta.

Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls is a TICA registered cattery.

My cats are raised in my home. They have free roam of my house when we are at home.

My nursery is in my day room, this is a room were I spend most of my free time.
My nursery is a cat
 and kitten heaven.
There is so much for
them to play with and do in my day room.
They even have fish to watch.

I take pride in training my cats simple commands. Most of my cats will sit on command, some will also lay down.
I have two cats that like to go for walks, one who loves car rides, camping, and bike rides.  Most of my cats love to watch TV.
I have special cat movies just for them.  When I have kittens here I play a soothing kitty CD for them at night  to help them learn when it is bed time. I do this in hopes that they will sleep well in their new homes at night and not play all night long.

My Kitties now have a puppy to play with.