Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
Adopted Kitties
2012 to 2013

I Love Little Kitty

I love little Kitty,
Her coat is so warm,
And if I don't hurt her,

She'll do me no harm.
So I'll not pull her tail,
Nor drive her away,
But Kitty and I
Very gently will play.

She shall sit by my side,
And I'll give her some food;
And she'll love me because
I am gentle and good.

I'll pat pretty Kitty,
And then she will purr;
And thus show her thanks
For my kindness to her;

But I'll not pinch her ears,
Nor tread on her paw,
Lest I should provoke her
To use her sharp claw.

I never will vex her,
Nor make her displeased -
For Kitty don't like
To be worried or teased.

- Anon



Hi Wanda,

It was great to meet you today and visit your cattery :) All of your furkids are beautiful!

Thank you so much for the gift pack. We enjoyed looking through the photo album and will add to it to see her progress. The picture of her is gorgeous and we love it!

Serenity travelled well. We played the CD and she slept most of the way. She has had some food and is now playing on the cat scratcher and wandering around the room.

I will take some photos over the next few days and send you some.

Thank you for allowing us to adopt Sweet Serenity she is an absolute joy to our family :)


Hello Wanda,

Our Sweet Serenity is doing great! She is very playful and smart. We all love her very much.

We have decided to keep the name Serenity but have nicknamed her Suri.

She loves running around our house, fetching and playing on her new 4 tier cat scratcher.

We've been taking a bunch of pictures of her, and are currently in the process of making her a kitten video!

Here our some pictures we took of her first week at her new home. :)

The Meyer Family!


Hi Wanda
This morning I was telling my kids that we have to get some pictures of him with the kids and send them to you. Celtic adjusted in 1-2 hours. He is very playful and friendly towards kids and adults. The kids take turns having him sleep in their beds.  In the first day I used the CD you kindly gave us. Afterwards, he did not need it. 
Celtic is friendly to the other two cats but they are not so friendly. The male cat still hisses at him occasionally. The female cat occasionally plays with Celtic but most times she prefers to study him from a distance.
Celtic and our female cat love the crinkly tube that you gave us.
Overall, you do a wonderful job with your cats and I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who may want a ragdoll cat.



First off I must give you much credit for your photography skills. I have been at it all morning and this is the best I could come up with.

We have named our little beauty Angel. Let's hope she lives up to her name lol.

Angel is now starting to settle into her new home. She still goes on plenty of exploring missions and hides quite well.

She has picked me as her favorite. She cries when I leave. She cuddles with me and begs me to pet her. She has the cutest little meow ever.

As I am writing you this she is cuddled on my moms lap. Too cute.

She is so bad... We bought her a little kitty bed and a big cat tree... She wants nothing to do with either. In fact she lays down right beside her bed on the hardwood floor. Brat.

My mom is a little puzzled by the litter you gave us. She is going to return the corn stuff she bought and get some more pellets. How does she scoop out the dirty pellets? Should she just change the entire box?

Thank you again so much for everything, we couldn't ask for a better cat. She is absolutely gorgeous and her loving personality is the best bonus anyone could ask for.

This kitten you gave us is taking hostages! First my mom... She was almost at the point of peeing her pants when I got here... Now she has passed her onto me... And now I'm stuck. How could I ever move this little angel?

I cannot figure out how you ever leave the house. What is your secret?

Luna 2013


Thank you so much for letting us take home two of your little fur babies!

So far they are both doing really well. Both kitties had no troubles adjusting to where their litter box and food is. They snuggled up together their first night and didn't cry at all.

Right now they both really enjoy exploring their new home. So many new sights and sounds to get used to. They are so fun to watch together and they love to chase and pounce on eachother!

Little Indie is such a cuttle bug! He follows me around the house and is always looking for snuggles. Our girls have nicknamed him Indie Purr Bear because his motor is always going!

Sadie is always nearby but is a little more cautious than her brother. Her and our middle daughter already seem to have a special bond.

We are really happy that we decided to bring two kitties home. Rest assured that they will be well taken care of and very loved in their new home. We will keep you updated with pictures as they grow!

The O Family

A little girls dream

 came true tonight

 thank you so very much!!

Hi Wanda! Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much of a joy our Zoe is :) the girls adore her and she can't seem to get enough of them either.... She follows us around all day and cries when she can't be with us. She loves our dog Bailey- they have naps together everyday.

She's kind of a little rascal too. She likes to play at 3 am and wake everyone up and she LOVES food more than I've ever known a cat to like food and jumps on the table while we are all eating haha.

Thanks again for bringing Zoe into our lives - she means the world to us! I've also sent you some of our favorite pictures.

Thanks and have a great day,

Tara Gale



Hope you had a good day in Calgary with Cathy and have a nice safe trip home again. Always nice to spend a full day with a good friend!

Luna is *such* a doll. She is absolutely sweet. Already using the scratching post too!! Plus we went out and bought another one, and we've got the second litter box set up and did track down some wood pellets. Petland had some, oddly enough. I am still determined to find some at Home Hardware. I know there's one in Airdrie.

She's so peaceful and looks totally at home. Even Squeaky is behaving normally. Nose not really out of joint (yet?) either. I am *totally* amazed. Luna is adjusting sooooo much better than I ever could have imagined. She is an absolute sweetheart. omg we are all so in lovewith her. She's spent quite a lot of time on her back, swaddled in a blanket in Vrai's arms. Despite this, she's lapping it all up. She is incredible.

 Thank you so much for growing such a beautiful little girl. :-) And thank you again for everything, the photo album, photo frame, the toys and the 'cat fort'. She's so funny! Totally walking around completely comfortable exploring. LOL...


Valerie & Family