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Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
2010 to 2011
Adopted Kittens.
    Hi Wanda,
I just thought I'd send a short note to let you know how the babies are doing. We've named them Lucy and Charlie, which seem to suit them perfectly, they are so incredibly beautiful. We can't keep our eyes and our hands off of them. They are adjusting very well to their new home, and I think they'll be very happy here with us. We have been keeping them mostly in our master bedroom, where they will probably spend the next few days until they are comfortable with the sights, sounds and smells of the environment. We haven't introduced our family dog to them yet, as we'd like them to feel really confident first, although they've both taken turns spending time in our main living spaces. They are both using the litter box great and eating and drinking very well. We would like to thank you for the wonderful packages you took the time to put together for them/us, makes us realize what a wonderful home they have been raised in. Please feel free to stay in touch, I saw today how much these babies mean to you and we're more than happy to keep you up dated. I am also attaching a few pictures of them on their first day 'out of the nest'.

Again, our sincerest thanks.

Yours, Carrie, Brad and Family

Hi Wanda,
We got home around 3pm today.  Odin has been wonderful.  He slept with Ian and I most of the night, I woke up to him sitting beside my face just  staring at me .  I wanted to thank you for everything (including our photo album), they all seemed to be wonderful and charming cats so I thank you for that.  I am more than excited to learn more about him.  His absolute favourite toy is the pink wand with the white mouse on it.  He wont leave it all...
I'm calling the vet tomorrow for his first check-up, I'll let you know how things go once we actually get to the appointment (as you know up here, things are slow).
Have a wonderful week
Hello Wanda,
I hope you are doing well.  Odin got into the Vet this morning.  He's 4lbs right now and won all the women over with his cuteness.  He's good and healthy and just great.  He's certainly showing his kitten-ism's now!

Hi Judy, Hi Wanda,

 I would like to send you some updates on the boys.

 The guys are really fabulous. They are now inseparable, and they are hanging around always together. If you see one of the boys alone; that means the other one must be currently in the litter box. They play “chasing”, do “cuddle fights”, and they lick each other every morning.

Both guys developed very good. They are now both 6,3 pounds. Jimbo has a tendency to get chubby though. This boy really doesn’t omit any food, and we have to start putting him under weight control. He gets neutered in two weeks. I hope it will not have any impact on his temper. This boy is simply cute with his look and his giant paws.

Harley is now a very self-confident and actually dominant cat. Everything new makes him, however, quite a bit nerves. Then he meows a few hours. Nail cutting seems to be an issue with him. He doesn’t like it. But he is a very intense cuddler. He can’t stand on his legs when he starts purring.  J



Good Morning Wanda,
I decided to name my kitten Victor as I thought it suited him the best. :)
I am so happy I chose him, and that you were so close to home. I couldn't have found a more perfect companion and friend.
He behaves very well while I am gone, and doesn't get into trouble.
I love when I come home because he always greets me at the door. If I am having a bad day, Victor always makes me forget the worries. 
He likes to follow my feet whenever I get up to do something.
Victor loves to watch me get ready in the morning, by sitting on my bathroom counter and staring.
He sleeps close to me every night on my pillow or under the covers. He brings me soo much joy.
Me and my boyfriend give him lots of attention. He is very happy and comfortable in our home. My Grandma and sister always come over because they love him so much!  
I'm sure there are more things to tell you but, I'm half asleep. lol I just got up.
Have a good weekend. I will email you again in the future.

Nightster made it to his new home safe! He is so adorable! The girls were so surprised! He seems to be doing good slept most of the trip. And now exploring his new home. It only took about 5 mins and he found his new friend (our fish).

Thank you so much for him... We will send u some photos soon.

Hope you had a ok night. I am sure you miss him as he is so cute and soft!

Jenn Chad Jaiden and Addison

Hi Wanda

Thought we would send you a little update on Nightster and some pictures. He has used his litter box on his own and no accidents on the floor. He’s a good boy! He has only eaten and drank a small amount. (Hope that’s ok? I am thinking he must be going thru some adapting.  He has been sleeping with Jaiden and seems to be settling to his new bed with her. She was a little tired for school today as Nightster thought it would be fun to play for an hour at 3am. I don’t think she minded too much. Addison took the photo album to daycare to show him off to all her friends today. I think it will take a few more days to settle as he likes to hide under the couch a bit probably still a little unsure where he is.

Is his family missing him?  

I am going to the vet tomorrow to book an appt. for him to get fixed and to get them to order his next vaccine. When is he due for the next one?  

We have a few pics so we will send them in a couple e-mails. 

Thanks again for him, the girls are in love with him. 

Chad, Jenn, Jaiden, Addison and Nightster

Hi Wanda,

I hope you and your family had a good holiday season.

I thought we would send a quick update on Nightster.. Jaiden took this

picture of him... Yes sitting on the kitchen cupboard where he

shouldn't be.... We continue to love our Nightster. He got just as

spoiled from Santa as the girls did. He got a new scratching post and

lots of toys.... I guess he was a pretty good boy this year. Nightster

had his yearly checkup last month. Vet said he is doing great. He is

just under 12 pounds. We got in a little trouble because we weren't

brushing his teeth. So now he gets his teeth brushed. They are

sparkling white again.

We regularly check out your website. A common phrase used to Nightster

in our house was adopted from your site months back... " I thought I

saw a putty cat" "I did I did see a putty cat".. It stuck with the


Take care and we will talk to you again!

Chad, Jenn, Jaiden, Addison and Nightster

is happy that our kitten Charlie is home. We made the 20 hour drive to go pick him up ourselves and to meet the breeder. Top notch breeder and a very nice lady. If anyone is interested in a ragdoll kitten Wanda from Gentle Bubbles ragdolls website is
After meeting her, seeing her home and facility we highly recommend her. Charlie is smart, curious and real charmer. I LOVE our new kitten. I think he'll definitely brighten up our home.