Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
All photos taken on this page was taken by Wanda of Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls.

To reserve a kitten
find out about upcoming litters.
Please phone Wanda
or email
You can all so fill out a reservation form on this page
Blue Larimar
Is the Daddy to
all my future




All kittens on this page
have forever homes

I will post updates of the upcoming litters
after they have arrived.

  I am pleased to announce that
My Beautiful Loving
Sweet Vienna now
has a wonderful new
forever home.
Thank you Charity, Jeff
your adorable gentle boys
for providing the best home
ever for my Sweet Sweet
I Miss her alot but I know she is
very happy with you guys.
From Medicine Hat Alberta.

All kittens on this page
have forever homes.