Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
All photographs on this page was taken by
Wanda of Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls.

Vintage Rose
Seal Point

Vintage Rose is such a big beautiful young lady.
Her kittens turn out big and beautiful.
They all seem to have her soft personality.
My beautiful girl has the funniest meow ever.
She is the best mom I have ever had.
She is very attentive with her kittens.
She never packs them.  She wants to raise them very close to me.  So I had to get a special bed made for her so she can be beside me all the time and her kittens still be contained until they are old enough to roam free.

Blue Bi-Color Torte

Gracie is such a sweet playful girl.
she is all the other cats best friend.
I love this gentle girl.
when she punches dough it is so light
and gentle.  She doesn't put her claws out
when she does, like what other cats do.
She is so funny when she is on the cat wheel.
She talks the whole time she is running on it.
Her babies are so pretty.
She tends to have cream males.
All her girls are torties in different colors and patterns.
Her fur is minky soft.
I never had a cat feel so soft.