Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls
All photographs on this page was taken by
Wanda of Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls.

I am proud to Announce
Dora and Blue Larimar
Are expecting
Purr Babies around
April 3rd. 2018
I am now taking
deposits for
Dora's upcoming litter
Contact Wanda @

Feel free to
visit my nursery page
to see available kittens
or visit my Toys and things
page to see the line of cat toys
and other products
that I make.

I am Wanda, I run a small closed
Ragdoll Cattery in
Medicine Hat Alberta

Gentle Bubbles Ragdolls is a
TICA registered cattery.

My cats are raised in my home.
My nursery is in my day room,
this is a room were I spend most of
my free time.
It is also my office.
So if I message you, and you
get strange text.
That mostly was a
Kitten or Cat doing
the texting.
They are forever stepping on
my key board.

My nursery is a cat and kitten heaven.
There is so much for them to play with
and do there.
I have a TV just for them to watch.
I play a Cat movie for them
which has birds mice and other
critters acting in it.
So I get to watch my TV and
they can Watch theirs.

They have a cat exercise wheel
they love playing on.
Many cat posts and lots
of different floor toys.

I also play soothing music for them
at night.

They also have my Dog to play

I am selling one of my Birthing cages

Animal Enclosure
Easy to clean:
Naturally Antimicrobial:
UV stable:
Will not rot:
Never needs Painting!
This product is not classified by OSHA as flamable or combustable. It is not easily ignited
and can be extinguished with water, dry chemical, foam, or carbon dioxide.
If product combusts, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other organic compounds can be
This product is non-porous and can be cleaned with a variety of common cleansers.
One of the most effective cleansers is dish-soap (with de-greaser) and water.
Do not use Chlorides as they will corrode the metal hardware.
(not to mention they are toxic to domestic animals!)
The colors of this product are embedded throughout the materials. and will not
scratch, fade, or wash off!
Unlike some manufacturers who use cheaper grades of plastic, Gator Kennels uses UV
stabilized plastic. This keeps the material from fading and degrading (sun-rot) over time.
This product is mold, mildew, and bacteria-resistant! The textured, matte-surface is
known to discourage microbial-colony growth. The materials are known to be USDA and FDA
approved for food applications due to its antimicrobial properties!
This product is non-porous and will not absorb water!

I have used this unit for my Nursing Cats as a whole unit.
It can be separated into 3 units.
This Enclosure would be good for groomers.

The Enclosure is 350 lbs.